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Ashitaba is the amazing traditional medicinal plant from Japan.
Ashitaba is known as Japan's most popular "greenfood".
AshitabaGreen is a wholefood and easier for the body to absorb.

Linda Hayano at age 81 in 2011

Linda Hayano is a retired microbiologist who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. "At age 69 I decided to grow this herb when I saw my neighbor from Taiwan treat his gout by eating fresh Ashitaba. I have no fear of aging now. My biological age is 50. I am busy, happy and healthy," said Mrs. Linda Hayano, now 80.

Our Ashitaba Products

ENERGIZE without caffeine

ANTIOXIDANT power from Chalcones

DETOXIFIES painlessly with 2 types of fiber

NERVE GROWTH FACTOR is present in AshitabaGreen

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Compare the Quality

 Many happy users continue purchasing month after month because they cannot find an Ashitaba product anywhere that matches Linda Hayano's AshitabaGreen quality.

"I tried some ashitaba from a southwestern supplier, some from a major catalog, and even some from Japan last spring while AshitabaGreen was unavailable. None of them were as good as the Hayano "AshitabaGreen" products. I thought I could spend less money but it is clear that this is the best! AshitabaGreen has spoiled me. It's the only one I want." C.F., _San Francisco

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