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I am very grateful for this miracle herb "Ashitaba" and would like to share this information with the American public so they can save money, stay young and healthy without the fear of aging with chronic illness.

The following are extracts from some of the unsolicited testimonials I have received. These people also wanted to share how much ashitaba has changed their life.

For my testimonial and an explanation of why I started growing Ashitaba please click on my picture.

sand dunes I am 73 years young and as you can see from the picture my skin has no wrinkles. Now don't be fooled by your expectations that all orientals look young,- it's in their genes. Studies have shown that after age 55 your diet and life style has a stronger impact on your health than your genes. In fact, when I was 69 years old, I too was having heart troubles like 83% of Americans my age despite eating soy and drinking green tea all my life. Then, two years ago when visiting Namibia, after taking Ashitaba regularly, I found I was able to walk up these spectacular 300 - 400 meter high sand dunes - something I would not have been able to do 4 years ago.

Linda Hayano
Natural Health Organic Farm.

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   July 8 2002

To Whom It May Concern

From: Trang Le San Jose, CA

Re: My Experience with Ashitaba

I am a 65yr old woman who has been living with many health conditions related to diabetes most of my adult life. In addition to many prescribed medications I have to take daily, I always am on the look out for and would try any reasonably natural remedies to improve my health
About two years ago, I was introduced to Ashitaba green grown and distributed by Natural Health Organic Farm- Morgan Hill, CA I do not believe any one thing can be a miracle to anyone since we all are different but I can say with most happiness that Ashitaba green has helped my health more than anything that I have ever tried Three of the diabetes-related health conditions that have greatly improved for me since I started to rake Ashitaba green are joint pains- especially my knees, numbness on my toes and lethargy. I now have more energy to do longer walk and climb the stairs playing with my 2yr old grandson and sleep well every night. At my age and with my diabetic conditions, I could not ask for anything more than being able to have lots of energy, able to walk without pains and able to sleep well.

Thanks to Ashitaba green and certainly many thanks to Linda Hayano for making this product available I do hope that many people like myself would find positive experience with this product as I have

Truly yours,
Trang Le
Dear Linda,
We enjoyed meeting you at the Eco-Farm Conference.

The herb has been very helpful, we believe. David's noticed an improvement in his 20 year red planter's warts and emphysema.

I'm sure I'm sleeping better And have better digestion.
   Dear Linda, I have been rubbing a tincture made from Ashitabagreen on my scalp for the last two weeks and have noticed that my hair is getting thicker. I had tried one of those other expensive products for hair loss but it didn't work...
...I cut my hand and found it had stopped bleeding before I got a bandaid.
...my vision has improved too.
Female Customer in her 70's
  Dear Linda,
After two weeks of drinking Ashitabagreen tea I am not losing so much hair. Thanks.
Female Customer
  My menstrual cycle has now become regular and with no cramps after drinking Ashitabagreen 6/20/03
Dear Mrs Hayano,
A few days after starting Ashitaba I was surprised to wake up to the sound of rain. It is unusual to have rain in June in Southern California but seriously, the main reason for my surprise was my "weather-vane" of a wrist was not aching as it usually does when it rains. What a pleasant surprise!
Mrs. Hayano,
Thank you for the free samples you sent to me last month. There were some immediate, positive effects. The soreness in my hips went away!

I want to try the Ashitaba Green for a longer period of time, maybe a year. I'll be in touch every month if I may.
Thank you!
  Letter of Recommendation

I met Linda at Health and Harmony in Santa Rosa this Summer Having her standing there with incredible radiance was enough to bring me closer to learn more about Ashitaba Green & ended up purchasing two packets as did my friend. Within a few days of taking one teaspoon each morning, I began to notice that I was sleeping sounder then before. In addition I began to notice that my efforts to shed a few pounds was starting to happen. Add to these was now throughout my day my energy levels seemed to be getting more consistent where before I could feel peaks and valleys. With all of her zeal for the product from my experience I think she only has realized the very tip of what Ashitaba green has real potential to address in regards to our health.

Jeffrey F Edelheit
  Dear Linda, My symptoms from Hepatitus C became so bad that I had to stop working and go onto disability. For one and 1/2 years I have been going to doctors seeking a cure. Now, after taking Ashitabagreen tea for 3 months I am well enough to go back to work.
Customer -Taiwan
   After two weeks of drinking Ashitabagreen tea daily my high blood pressure became lower. Two years later I am still drinking Ashitabagreen tea daily, my blood pressure is down, I have plenty of energy and play tennis several hours a day, and my allergies are gone so I can open up my windows.
73 year old customer
  A friend of mine is a 35 year old painter. He suffered several strokes which left 1/2 of his face paralyzed. After 1 week of drinking Ashitabagreen tea he started to regain movement in his face. He also noted that since starting the tea that cuts stop bleeding quickly and heal nicely.
     In three months of drinking Ashitabagreen tea I have lost 36 pounds. I have been sleeping better, enjoying more energy and it has relieved my menopausal symptoms.

My mother's constipation and aging spots have lessened too. - Mitsuio Moore
Dear Linda,
My daughter recently came back from Thailand with a sore throat, sinus and jet-lag. When she still had problems two days later I recommended she drink some Ashtibagreen tea. She woke up fully recovered.

Here are some other testimonials extracted from articles and research papers.

Blood Purifying Herbs
Ashitaba Green (Angelica keiskei koidzmi) has been a treasure herb in the Orient for over 2000 years. The herb is known for its extraordinary ability to slow the aging process, which includes improving many of the body's internal functions as well as beautifying the skin on an external basis. The plant is high in protein. amino acids, vitamins, minerals and food fiber. One of our staff memebers had a long standing problem with swollen infected gums, and decided to start using this herb. He took a teaspoon of the powder mixed into into a glass of water and sweetened it with maple syrup, upon arising every morning. After a month, the swelling totally disappeared! This product should be looked upon as a whole food for its great nutritional value. Ashitaba Green from NATURAL HEALTH ORGANIC FARM (408) 867-3850
     SOURCE: The Magazine of the International Aromatherapy and Herb Association
  "There is a patient in Texas that has Insulin-Dependent Diabetes that is currently taking the herb. He says that he now has to use less Insulin because his blood sugar no longer spikes with attacks of Hyperglycemia. Another Diabetes patient in Japan took Ashitaba for six months and his blood sugar level dropped from 400mg./dL to 150 mg./dL. Dr Baba at Osaka University School of Pharmacy has published a paper showing the decrease of the rate of acid production in the stomach with Ashitaba. In his paper he also showed a decrease in the severity of stress related to stomach ulcers. The extract of Angelica Keiskei Koidzumi also exhibited an antibacterial action."
     SOURCE:Research on the Effects of Ashitaba, Angelica Keiskei Koidzumi (emphasis added)
         By Dr. Kevin Lance Jones, L. Ac., O.M.D.

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